Privacy Statement – Last Updated 24/05/2018

Who are we?

Boxed Off Events Photo Booths Isle of Man – Isle of Man Company Registration Number 024003B.

The business operates a hire service, supplying photo booths for both corporate and consumer events. The personal information we collect is to provide the subject with a smooth, personal, efficient and professional service.

This policy explains how we deal with your personal data (this policy may be updated from time to time)

How personal information is received and the information we need

Communications (personal information) can be received via a number of methods:

Text Message / Email / Facebook / Telephone / Web Contact form via / via a 3rd Party supplier, whom will provide the necessary information with the assumed consent of the customer.

Information required in order to secure a booking, Name (s) of subject enquiring, Venue, Expected date of event, Event type, Email address, Telephone Number, Home address or alternatively Correspondence Address. (In order to enquire about a potential booking, the information above will be required – further information may-be required, this will be dependent on the medium by which the enquiry was made).

What we do with your information

Information provided to Boxed Off is used for the following purposes:

·To provide regular updates with regards to personal requirements for your upcoming event.

·To confirm event details as and when required.

·To provide invoices and receipts for billing and accounting prior to the event (after event if additional services have been requested).

·To provide any media / documentation / guest book after the event has completed.

How long we keep your information

Retention of information is based on two categories, enquiry and booking:

Enquiry - Enquiry details are held until the expected event date has passed, unless explicably advised that the enquiry will not turn to booking, our reason for doing so is because we regularly receive enquiries for events with an event date of 2 years in advance but not come to fruition until much to closer to the event – the business ensures resource is provisionally planned should confirmation materialise at such a late date. If our services are not used the enquiry details are deleted.

Booking – Where any event has been confirmed / completed we can retain personal data for 6 years after the event, this is primarily for 3 reasons:

Accounting and financial reporting.

It is not unusual for Boxed Off to receive regular bookings from the same client, retaining details for regular bookings from the same customer ensures we can provide greater efficiency for future events.

A customer may request duplicate media.


We do from time to time like to promote our business at promotional events, this can only be done through testimonials where a client has generally included their names and event date – additionally our best form of promotion is to display our work through hard copy albums which may have a selection of photographs duplicated from a prior event – these are only displayed if permission had been provided for upload to social media / advertising.

Social Media / Advertising – Boxed Off has a 2-step consent process, firstly we request permission from the event holder to establish whether consent of photos from their event is permissible, secondly, we provide an on-screen option for users to provide consent assuming that the event holder has given prior consent – if consent has not been provided by the event holder the option is disabled.

Your Rights

The GDPR provides the following rights for individuals:

1.The right to be informed

2.The right of access

3.The right to rectification

4.The right to erasure

5.The right to restrict processing

6.The right to data portability

7.The right to object

Further details regarding rights can be found on the following link:

To exercise any of your rights you can contact us at